About Positive Phocus

Believer, father, veteran, and photographer. I found my passion to be photography of all kinds but I receive the most inspiration through portraiture.

I was first introduced to the art through my mother; who is also a professional photographer, over 20 years ago. After my time serving in the military as a US Army Ranger, photography quickly became an outlet for me to help cope with the many struggles that people face every day.

Over the years and with the support of many, I have grown my craft to have the honor of earning awards for my photography and being published in various magazines. You can almost always find me within an arm's reach of my camera.

When I am not riding my motorcycle, working on my car, or spending time with my son, I am usually taking pictures of something or helping others improve their photography skills.

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Positive Phocus is Amazing

As an individual who values quality and professionalism, I have to say my experience with Positive Phocus was nothing short of exceptional. This is Andrew, and I recently had the pleasure of working with them for a professional photoshoot.

The level of expertise displayed by the team was truly impressive. Their attention to detail, understanding of light and composition, and their ability to make one feel at ease in front of the camera were second to none.

The end result exceeded my expectations. The images captured not only my professional persona but also the essence of who I am. For anyone seeking high-quality, professional photography, I wholeheartedly recommend Positive Phocus. Their commitment to delivering top-tier results is evident in their work.

-Andrew H-

Great Shots and Fun to Work With!

As a seasoned Jet Ski competitor, capturing the intensity and thrill of the sport in a photograph is no small feat. This is Samuel, and I recently had the pleasure to work with Positive Phocus during our latest competition.

Their team was an absolute marvel on site - professional, attentive, and remarkably adept at maneuvering within the fast-paced environment. They were able to capture not only the adrenaline-pumping action but also the nuanced moments of determination, focus, and camaraderie that define the spirit of the event.

The resulting photographs were stunning - sharp, vibrant, and oozing energy just as the competition itself. Positive Phocus managed to encapsulate the essence of the event in their images, providing us with a visual narrative that we will cherish for years to come.

For anyone seeking professional photography services that can adeptly handle dynamic and challenging environments, I cannot recommend Positive Phocus enough. Their proficiency in their craft and commitment to delivering high-quality results are truly commendable.

-Samuel S-

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